Welcome to the clan site of Legends Of Fortune!

Legends Of Fortune is a high level bosshunting clan.

The clan was founded by TokHaar-Zot on the 10th of August 2009.
Our strong points are: small, active, organised bosshunting.

There are 2 official events a day. These events typically last up to 2 hours.
We do Raids, Rise of the Six, Vorago, Nex, Elite dungeons ...

You can join this clan even if you don't have much pvm experience.
You will be taught all high level bosses.


- 130 Combat
- Overloads
- 95 Prayer
- Gear depending on your current pvm experience


- All T90 armour + weapons
- All perks
- All T92 weapons + T99 prayers

If you are interested in joining, please pm TokHaar-Zot or Tok-Zot.