Welcome to the clan site of Legends Of Fortune!

Legends Of Fortune is a high level bosshunting clan.

The clan was founded by TokHaar-Zot on the 10th of August 2009.
Our strong points are: small, highly active, elite bosshunting.

There are 2 official events a day.
These events typically last 2.5 hours.
Events are decided by participants right at the event time.
We do various events at the same time,
such as: Raids, ROTS, Vorago, nex, kalphite king, god wars 2 ...

Near all members currently in clan are HIGHLY active.
We do many activity checks.

You can join this clan without much pvming experience.
You will be taught all high level bosses.

If you do not meet the requirements yet, you can join the clan as future applicant.
With this rank you will not be able to participate in any activities yet.


- 130 Combat (depending on other cmb stats)

While you are in this clan, you also have to focus on achieving these goals:

- All T90 armour & weapons (with perks)
- 92 Herblore (overloads with stews)
- 95 Prayer
- 96 Summoning
- Maxed combat stats
- Make as much money possible

If you are interested in joining, please pm TokHaar-Zot or Tok-Zot.