Clan Rules

1. No multi-clanning. You can only be in this clan.
2. No RuneScape rules breaking.
3. No gambling, staking, high risk pking or paying to leech dungeons.
4. No cheating during clan challenges.
5. You must make atleast 5 posts/replies a month on our forum.
6. You got to focus on the goal list on the Home page.
7. You got to buy & use best gear possible. This means you can't do buyables.
8. To be considered active, you must attend a minimum of
4 official events per 2 weeks.
9. This is a ffa+split clan. Coinshare if instructed.
You can't ever lootshare.

Forum Rules

1. No swearing.
2. No spamming.
3. No posting of offensive things. (pictures, etc.)
4. Respect other people's threads.